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About Liaquat Sibtian

I am Astrologer Liaquat Sibtain. I have over 40 years of Experience in Astrology. I have learned this profession from my father. I am expert in making zaicha without computer.


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I am a well known Astrologer in Pakistan. I have learnt Astrology from my father. Learning Astrology is not easy. It’s a very hard task to do. You have to give your proper time, full concentration and your heart to learn it. I have been practicing Astrology for about last 40 years. I have made millions of Zaicha’s, above 40 years experience in this field. I used to make Zaicha’s from hands but now a days as its a modern age computer has made much easier then it was in old times. I Made This Blog For Continuous Updates About Astrology.

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Famous astrologer tell about Pakistan Date of birth
and how Pakistan has been .

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Nov 22 - Dec 21 Sagittarius Sagittarius, the representative of the mutable cross of the Water trigon, will feel himself quite confident in July 2015, despite the serious problems that can occur in the sphere of finances and entrepreneurship. First, it is necessary to...


OCT 22 - NOV 21 Scorpio In July 2015, Scorpio will not be unlike many other zodiac signs in facing a situation when the support of celestial patrons will be maxima. However, make no mistake since not everything will be as clear-cut in regards to this sign as it might...


Sep 22 - Oct 21 Libra Libras will feel a large-scale, multi-target support from practically all of the celestial bodies of the Solar System. It could not be better than that. Such a situation will happen because Saturn, the planet-exalt of the Libra sign, will take a...


Aug 22 - Sep 21 Virgo The influence of Venus, responsible for the fall of Virgo, will not be that strong. However, it will be sufficient to bring many problems to those born under this sign. The situation will be complicated by the fact that Neptune and Venus will...


Jul 22 - Aug 21 Leo For the zodiac sign of Leo, the second summer month will be a stable time, although not as positive as the Leo may want it. The thing is that the Sun, the planet-ruler of the sign, will not be strong enough to confidently block the flows of stellar...


Jun 22 - July 21 Cancer This situation will occur because the Moon, traditionally playing the role of planet-ruler for Cancer, will be significantly reinforced due to its unique position and combination with the nearby celestial objects. At the same time, Saturn –...