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Astrology Is a knowledge of stars provided by Allah to guide human being in there good and bad times. If we start things like business, marriage, career etc. According to Astrology in good time it will end up with success but if we start in bad time it will end with failure, Astrology plays a big part In human life, It is total guidance for secure future, Life and to get out of the bad times. In my opinion stars, stones, sadqat plays a vital role in human life to reduce the effect of bad time.

Kinds of Astrology

There are different kinds of astrology like VEDIC (Indian)astrology, WESTERN (greek)astrology, CHINESE astrology and many others but these are basically recognizes and used more to read and analyze the birth charts

Background of Astrology

It is the study of planets how they move and how their movement effect in individual`s life . Somehow the founders of this knowledge are Egyptians. They learn this knowledge; in fact they created their religion on this knowledge basis. Before the birth of Hazrat Essa, people they govern their government according to this knowledge with the help of astrologers.Then this knowledge got spreaded in Eroupe,Arab,Tibat,China and India.

What is this knowlegde and how does ALLAH help us?

This is the knowledge provided by ALLAH ALMIGHTY…….. direction can be given through this knowledge and its depend on individual how he/she avail them on right time n how he/she avoid them on bad time ….. though it happen whatever ALLAH ALMIGHTY has written in our fate but we can do better with our effort when it`s a good time and we can reduce the bad effect when the bad time is going on …. May ALMIGHTY ALLAH give us wisdom and power to handle the things with the help of Astrology.

Vedic Astrology

It is based on knowledge of nine planets ….. jupiter,venus,sun,moon,mercury,mars,saturn,rahu and ketu. Rahu and ketu are called dragon tail or shadow of moon. In light of the movement of these planets, individual birth charts are read and analyzed .There are three important elements/factors which have to be accurate to get the accurate reading of a birth chart.