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Jun 22 – July 21


This situation will occur because the Moon, traditionally playing the role of planet-ruler for Cancer, will be significantly reinforced due to its unique position and combination with the nearby celestial objects. At the same time, Saturn – responsible for the expulsion of this sign, will change the modality of his emanations when he becomes the “celestial leader” of Cancer.

Saturn will concentrate his attention on the sphere of entrepreneurship and business and even though he is not truly competent in this sphere, he will successfully sub in for Mercury. Mars, traditionally playing the role of the plane responsible for the fall of Cancer, will also go to the light side and instead of negative emanations will emit positive energetic waves, concentrated mainly in the sphere of personal relationships. Jupiter, the planet-exalt of Cancer, will provide his proteges with the necessary amount of life energy and there will practically be no celestial object this period that will be able to stop the Cancers on their way to the top.

For the work direction, it is unlikely that the sign of Cancer will have to try hard to realize projects that it already has by July 2015. In terms of the upcoming projects, you will have to seriously think – since you will not have a shortage in life energy or resources, but still your energy will not be sufficient for all opportunities that you will be offered. Believe in yourself, do not doubt your strength, but do not overestimate it! That could be the worst mistake you can do right now. You will not be able to implement every idea that you get along the way, so concentrate on what you think has more potential.

That is especially true since not every thought or business affair is truly worth the effort. Strictly speaking, this is the only limitation for July, especially since you will not lose anything even in the most negative of outcomes. Do not think about being invincible, since any word or action of yours may generate a response that will not always be positive or even predictable. This is especially true for those who have their own business: even with all the luck in the world, do not let everything flow by itself.

In terms of personal relationships, July 2015 will be characterized almost like the word direction for the sign of Cancer, with one fundamental difference – no one will provide you with opportunities here. That means it will be up to you to find them. Your attentiveness, your sincere desires and competency in one or another area will determine what situations you can map out on your life path. That means that the more you will be interested in one or the other
turn of events, the more likely it will happen.