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March 22 – April 21


The zodiac sign of Aries will receive quite a powerful support on behalf of the celestial bodies of the Solar System in July 2015 First, Mars (usually the planet-ruler of the Aries sign) will be especially strong and his support will display itself from the ver first days of the month, mostly in the sphere of personal relationships. This is quite an unusual situation, although July wil overall be a non-standard month for all of the zodiac signs. The second key ally of Aries will be the Sun, its planet-exalt, responsible for the blossoming of the life strength.

At the same time, Saturn – responsible for the fall of the Aries sign, will cardinally change the modality of his energetic emanations, which is why people born under this sign will acquire yet another trustworthy and powerful ally. Venus is the only one on the other side of the trenches, being responsible for the expulsion of the Aries sign. She will quite logically concentrate her negativity on the sphere of feelings and emotions, although it is unlikely that she will get any tangible results, since this is where Mars will have a tight rule this month.

In regards to the sphere of finance and entrepreneurship, in July 2015 the Aries sign will find itself in quite a non-trivial situation. On one side, circumstances will be on your side. That means that you will be able to easily finish your projects by the due date. Moreover, your workability will rise significantly and your partners will provide you with even more opportunities (without even knowing it)! So it would seem that the situation is positive all around. That is how it will end up being, but the complication and ambiguity of the moment lies in the fact that you will have several possible paths of development.

Each one of these paths is good in their own right and at the end of each there is the target you aim to hit. However, these paths are absolutely incompatible. Do you know what that means? You will have to make a choice. It will be even more complicated for those who have their own business, since they will have less boundaries in terms of choice. You cannot even imagine how hard it can be to deny a real The love front will be a much more peaceful and harmonic direction for the Aries in July 2015.

At the very least, no one will demand a quick resolution of a complicated dilemma. On the contrary, everything will speak in favor of your relaxation and just enjoyment of life. In reality, that is exactly what you should do! The ideal path is to go on vacation of a trip, a long rest with friends and close ones. If you do not have the ability to take a vacation or stop production, then at least use your weekends.